Celebrating biodiversity

The CIVR have launched a brand new communications campaign designed to celebrate and promote Roussillon winegrowers’ commitment to biodiversity. 

The new sustainable development campaign to support agri-environmental initiatives, organic conversions, and access to High Environmental Value (HEV) certification, puts the limelight on the work of Roussillon’s wineries that work tirelessly to respect and encourage biodiversity.

Roussillon has always been ahead of the curve in terms of sustainable development. The commitment of its producers to good environmental practices has made Roussillon one of France’s most committed regions in terms of organic viticulture and biodynamic practices.

As part of a continuous upward trend, 35% of all Roussillon vineyards are now already certified organic.

A survey conducted among CIVR’s members, a sample representing 91% of total volumes produced within Roussillon in 2022, indicates that 71% of all AOP and IGP wine produced were made following agro-environmental practices. It also reveals that 42% more of the total vineyard were either engaged in organic practices, in the process of conversion, or following HEV practices.

A large-scale media plan has been deployed to unveil this new campaign to the general public, mainly in the regions of Occitanie and Île-de-France.