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In Focus: Sommeliers Take on Roussillon

A group of London-based sommeliers recently travelled to sunny Roussillon. We asked a couple of them to summarise what they took away from their trip and what surprised them the most. Here is what they said in answer to our questions: Filipe Bhering Reis, Chef Sommelier at Annabels’ What will...
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IGP Côtes Catalanes is 20!

Having always been defined by its diversity, IGP Côtes Catalanes became an official appellation in October 2002.  The combination of a multitude of terroirs, a great range of authorised varietals, and the passion of wine growers have given rise to wines with elegance and authenticity. The appellation is a perfect...
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CIVR supports Harpers’ Top 25 Sommeliers

Roussillon is proud to support Harpers’ Top 25 Sommeliers, an initiative designed to recognise and celebrate excellence in the on-trade wine world. The Top 25 Sommeliers will single out those at the top of the profession and acknowledge the essential role they play in bringing exciting wines to consumers. The...
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The plain of Roussillon

Centred on the city of Perpignan, the plain of Roussillon is the region’s broad, open heartland where vineyards rub shoulders with abundant fruit and vegetable farms and over a quarter of a million people. Here, the region’s three major rivers – the Agly, the Têt, and the Tech – make...
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Discover Rosé from Roussillon

Summertime, and thoughts to turn to Rosé. Roussillon, with its multitude of terroirs and grape varieties, has strength in depth. The result is Rosé fit for any occasion, from light and bright with red fruit characteristics, to more complex, weightier examples with Roussillon’s hallmark mineral edge. And, of course, for...
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