News from Roussillon


Succeeding Philippe Bourrier whose term of office was coming to an end, Stéphane Zanella, as representative of the Trade, was elected by the CIVR General Meeting held on December 14, 2020. Régis Ouguères was elected as Vice-President for Production at the same time. The new management team has taken over...
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Discover le terroir des Aspres

Experience the beauty of Roussillon yourself with this video overview of the region The vineyard spans over 102 communes in the Eastern Pyrenees and covers 4 351 acres. It is a vast amphitheater limited on the East by the Mediterranean, by the Albères mountain range and Spain on the South,...
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Immerse yourself in Côte Vermeille

Discover the Southern vineyards of Roussillon through this immersive video. Named for its red rock, the Côte Vermeille runs south from Collioure to Cerbère. Vermilion Coast is located on the Spanish border, where the Pyrenees foothills dip to the sea.

Fly over the Agly terroir

Clinging to the steep Northern slopes of the hills, forming the higher rows of the amphitheater and stretching along the winding Agly river, the Agly terroir is home to Lesquerde, Maury, Latour-de-France and Caramany.

Riv’tonic: THE cocktail from Roussillon

This iconic cocktail based on Rivesaltes Ambré will make you live a sparkling, ultra-fresh summer. With notes of citrus fruit and a hint of bitterness, it is made with Rivesaltes Ambré, a Roussillon Vin Doux Naturel recognised as a protected designation of origin since 1936, and tonic. Ultra-refreshing, lengthened with...
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