Roussillon Vin Doux Naturel Mixing it with the Best

Roussillon’s range of Vin Doux Naturels provides a wine for any occasion, from floral White Muscat de Rivesaltes or Maury, Rosé from Rivesaltes, to rich and spicy Banyuls. All styles can showcase Roussillon’s fortified talent in a crisp aperitif or in a long pleasant and quiet drink.

But the qualities that make Roussillon’s fortified wines so delicious and adaptable on their own can be taken to another level in a cocktail shaker. Vin Doux Naturel’s combination of residual sweetness, distinctive aromatics, and fresh and dried fruit characters can be the base for complex and appealing cocktails.

Non-oxidised styles, such as Muscat de Rivesaltes, Maury or Banyuls White, Rivesaltes or Banyuls Rosé, Rivesaltes or Maury Grenat, Banyuls Rimage, can bring freshness, fruitiness and floral characteristics to refreshing summer drinks. And oxidised styles, including Rivesaltes or Maury Ambré or Tuilé, traditional Banyuls and Banyuls Grand Cru, can provide aromatic complexity to elevate slow-sipping enjoyment for aperitifs or after-dinner cocktails. Equally, Roussillon’s VDNs can provide a southern French twist to classic cocktails or provide a base for innovative new drinks. The opportunities are endless – the only requirements are imagination and a sense of fun! And you will not need to use too many ingredients to make great cocktails!

Mixing the old with the new

Sometimes the simplest recipes can be the best.

Take indeed the Riv’tonic

Add equal measures of Rivesaltes Ambré and tonic water to a large glass. Fill with ice cubes. Stir well and add a slice of orange to garnish.

  • Rivesaltes Ambré
  • Tonic
  • Ice
  • Orange

Or how about a bitter-sweet Negroni Ambré?

Fill a shaker with ice. Add one measure each of Maury or Banyuls Ambré, Gin, and Campari. Stir 20 times – more or less. Strain into an old-fashioned glass and add a strip of orange zest.

  • Maury or Banyuls Ambré
  • Gin
  • Campari
  • Orange zest

Bespoke creations

Not only can Roussillon VDNs give a fresh twist to an old favourite, they also provide ample inspiration for professional mixologists and enthusiastic amateurs to develop new cocktails. A few years ago, Wines of Roussillon in the US teamed up with Damien Aries, formerly of the Experimental Cocktail Club in NYC, to create three new signature VDN cocktails. They remain some of our favourites to this day.

Click here to watch a short video about his three creations – ‘The Villanova’ with Muscat de Rivesaltes; ‘The Gobelet’ with Banyuls Rimage; and ‘Take The High Road’ with Rivesaltes Ambré.


We’re always happy to find Roussillon’s exceptional VDNs releasing the creative juices among its fans. Below you can find a few other ideas of cocktails with a distinctly Roussillon fingerprint. It’s time to get mixing it with the best!