News from Roussillon

A Lesson in Schist-ory

Few regions can match Roussillon for its range of topographies and micro-terroirs. The geological turmoil that created the Pyrenees led to a patchwork of soils ranging from limestone and sand to granite and gneiss. One soil type, much-prized in the wine world, is found in abundance – schist. Schist is...
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Vins Doux Naturels for the Christmas Table

After the Turkey and its multitude of accompaniments have been cleared away, most stomachs can feel in need of a little rest. However, the marriage of Roussillon Vins Doux Naturels with Christmas desserts can set the tastebuds racing again. Roussillon has among the broadest selection of sweet wines to be...
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In Focus: Sommeliers Take on Roussillon

A group of London-based sommeliers recently travelled to sunny Roussillon. We asked a couple of them to summarise what they took away from their trip and what surprised them the most. Here is what they said in answer to our questions: Filipe Bhering Reis, Chef Sommelier at Annabels’ What will...
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